Wackamole MyMadness (spicy_rejoinder) wrote,
Wackamole MyMadness

Shopping Angst

How lame am I that the idea of grocery shopping turns me into a puddle of whimpering goo. Our town has maybe 7 grocery stores. Five of them are Market Baskets... surrounded by picketing employees and managers who want the old CEO. I am not sure how much of our plight (I feel like we are living under an embargo) has reached the outside world.

Every trip to the one (yes, one) reasonably-priced alternative is like shopping on the day before Thanksgiving. Madness. 80k people are trying to avoid Market Basket stores out of loyalty to the wishes of the employees and managers there. The parking lot is over flowing with illegally parked cars. The things you want are often just gone. You cannot maneauvor in the aisles. The check out lines are well staffed but still long. It is wearing out me and thousand of other mommies. We are tired of this. I think we are into over a month of this insanity.

I got home from the store today with something like a dozen bags. I was frazzled. My daughter asked why did I ever get so much food. She really doesn't get what it is like out there. I just told her there is no way I am going shopping again for at least 10 days.

You can't make me go back out there!! Please!!
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