Go girl

Mar had a huge xc meet. I think there were a thousand runners. The numbers went that high.

The whole thing was delayed for over an hour. Finally they ran. Mar, being a little odd, in the family tradition of being odd, smiles heartily while she runs. She declared xc to be the best thing ever invented.

There is only one way out of the school where this is held and so the line from the parking lot, up the access road, to the rotary sat for about 45 minutes. We had brought the neighbor girl with us and she had brought a book. Having her read out loud seemed the best way to pass the time, so I am now one chapter in to a Nicholas Sparks book.


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Declared set failure. Changed set. She has been over 200 for most of the time since last change. I think we are more prone to failure with leg sites. Exhausted. Angry.

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The weekend blahs.

Just can't move. I took the girls skating. I picked up Liam and got him home for his tutor. I did the laundry and the dishes (my constant companions). And then I fell over when the laundry brought me within falling distance of my bed. Nice bed. Nice. Zzzzzzzzz.

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Last night = 431

Last night I told Pete I had reason 431 that I had married him. He showed me how to open a stubborn pistachio with a shell fragment. Thank God. I was afraid I would be that chimp that starved because she failed tool using.

He wanted to know the other reasons. I don't remember all of them. I told him reasons 101-133 all involve the bedroom. Like the way he helps with the sheets (123) or lets me be the one to put the easy corners on (124).

I know more than twenty of the reasons involve math. Number 403 I discovered since the diabetes thing: he can do math in his sleep.

Number 428 is that he knew what 'octothorp' meant before it was cool. I know he knew it before it was cool, because it still isn't cool.

I should probably include the fact that when I told him this list was like the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition he did not ask what that meant or cringe because I am so nerdy.

Breaking News

Given that the governor, and the entire (albeit, small) congressional delegation from this upside down version of Vermont are um.... female, Peter Hansen, "an innocent 12,000-year-old male Republican State Rep" has suggested the state be called New Vaginashire. Okay, he didn't actually say that. He just got all weird in an email to his fellow state reps and refered to "children and vagina's (sic)" Yes. Bummer. He sucks at grammar in addition to his other sins.

The quoted description of Hansen is from Robyn Pennacchia of deathandtaxesmag. Hansen prefers to think of himself (no kidding) as possessing "a fairly well educated mind."

Yes. Vaginas are awesome. But this does not make it a synonym for 'women.'

Congratulations New Hampshire...

Oh well, everyone needs their day in the sun.

Rep. Peter Hansen, R-Amherst, is having his. His reference to women as 'vaginas' made the local paper. In that story the man said that critics just did not understand good writing.

Apparently, then it would be really good writing if I called him a penis. Or another word that singled out a single body part of his. Like.... Oh, the choices.

Does this guy go to parties and say of his wife, "I'd like you to meet Ellie, a fine vagina?"


So, the congratulations that are due NH? Well, this story has now gone national. Here it is in the Washington Post.